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Questions & Answers

The information presented here reflects questions we have been asked about the process of filtering water. We intend to use this space as a modified “blog” to publish additional information based on what our customers and friends are asking. Got a question? Send it along to us for inclusion on this page. Thanks a lot…….Jim

We have been traveling in our RV for years. We have never used any water filter. Why do we have to filter our water now?

If you take a moment to consider how seriously contaminated our water supply has become, you will not only want to filter your RV water but may want to install a filtration system for your residence. Years ago, I remember that my grandfather kept a tin cup at a creek that wandered through his farm. While working the farm he would pause occasionally and drink 2 or 3 cups of that creek water. The water was cold, clean and safe. Not any more. Virtually all surface water has become contaminated. Consuming water that has not been filtered is like playing Russian roulette. The problem is that there are no readily apparent indicators of water quality. We cannot look at it, smell it or taste it to determine how safe it is. Water that is smelly or looks bad may be safe. Conversely, crystal clear water that tastes okay may make you deathly ill. A few years ago there were maybe 1,000 different contaminates found in our water. Today the number is around 3,000 contaminants and is growing every day. It is estimated that every year up to 7 million cases of illness due to contaminated water are reported in the United States. Of course there has to be many times that figure that go unreported. Why take the chance? What we offer in our filter system is a little insurance that your fun time RVing will not be interrupted do to illness. Your plumbing and associated appliances will also benefit from clean water.

There are filters available that cost less. What’s up with that?

Oh yes, there is a multitude of filters on the market. But just like everything else, you get what you pay for. For maybe 50 bucks you can purchase a simple filter and it may remove some of the contaminants found in your water. If you are comfortable with that, very good. There are also systems available that cost a lot more than our system but do not perform any better and in some cases are inferior. Our system is effective and very high quality. The two patented filter cartridges we use have been years in development. Our suppliers have invested millions of dollars to develop and fine-tune their product. We have taken the time and spent the money to verify effectiveness. We were determined that our system had to be effective beyond anything else on the market. We are very happy to say we have attained that goal.

We regularly clean the water tank in our RV. We also use a filter we bought at a local home improvement store. Isn’t this good enough?

We have found that, like you, a lot of people do maintain the water system in their RV. They may also use a filter of some type, but have little understanding of just what the filter is doing for them. Our goal is to educate the RV owner about water filters, facilitating an informed purchase decision. We also want to provide information on taking care of the RV water system. Our web site is loaded with free “how to” instructions and we hope you will read and use the information provided. We also hope you will purchase our system. We know that there are many options available that may cost less. We also know that most of the low cost filter systems do not work effectively. What filtration system you may choose depends on where your comfort level is. 

We prefer to use bottled water, why do we need to buy this filter?

Because you do not use water just for drinking. Water is also used for bathing, cooking, washing dishes and clothes. Contaminants can cause damage to the plumbing, fixtures, pumps and hot water heater. The RVF-1 delivers water that is as good or better than bottled water and the cost is a small fraction of bottled water. Keep in mind that some bottled water is not everything the industry wants us to believe. It can contain some nasty stuff. Take a look at www.nrdc.org for their study of bottled water.

Can I use the RVF-1 at my residence?

Not really. The average household uses maybe 100 to 150 thousand gallons of water per year. The critical final filter has a life limit of about 2,500 gallons, dependent on input water quality.  We do have plans to investigate the viability of applying the technology to a system appropriately sized for residential use.

Why do you recommend replacing the filter cartridges every 6 months?

According to the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) the average RV owner uses their unit 26 days per year. A family of 4 will use an average of 100 to 200 gallons of water per day of use. Based on these averages, in 6 months the filter will have processed up to 2,600 gallons of water. The final filter is good for reducing lead for about 2,500 gallons. So we use that as our suggested change interval. The prefilter has a much larger capacity and could be left in service for up to a year. We recommend that both filters be changed at the same time (6 months) because there is no way to determine the quality of the source water or how fast the filters will “load up” with contaminates. It is better to err on the conservative side.

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